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The King Is Dead

June 26, 2009


Growing up, Michael Jackson was my world. I loved him. Every song I memorized, every album I purchased, every video I dissected. I was a fanatic at age 7. He was for me, my introduction to MUSIC and my love for it ever since I owe solely to him. Shortly after I heard of his passing, my mom(not yet knowing of the bad news) called me for something completely unrelated. When I told her that Michael Jackson had died, she surprisingly responded, “Huh? Michael?!”. I replied “Yeah.” My mom in shock took a second to collect her thoughts and said, “He was your favorite. Do you remember?” I said, “I know Mom. I remember.” And even though I stopped caring about anything he’s done past Dangerous, to some part of me, he’ll always be my favorite.

Pay your respects, the King is dead.


Air Jordan XXIII

January 25, 2008


I’ve lined up in the wee hours of the morning for about every Air Jordan for one colorway or another. Some I got, some I didn’t. Now, I think I’m at a point in my life where I’ve gone past the point of caring when new Jordans come out anymore. Ever since VIII(with the exception of XI), it’s been a slow, long decline of freshness as far as I’m concerned. There were some great ones between VII and the present. X were nice, XII and XIII were cool. XV and XVII were pretty dope, but nothing ever came close to the once in a lifetime run of III, IV, V and VI.

Now the latest and rumored last shoe, the 23rd in the Air Jordan line is coming out tomorrow to much fanfare. Now I love the fact that this shoe is “considered” and the most eco friendly Jordan shoe in history but to be frank, I just don’t like the design of it. It just doesn’t look appealing to me at all, it looks like an And 1 shoe. I guess my expectations were set too high. I mean it’s gonna be Tinker doing what he does best, gonna take it back to the essence he will! But alas, the pictures made my jaw drop in disappointment. They kinda remind me of the XVI that had that horrible flap. No flap this time around but they have this awful woven looking thing going on. Like an all over print stitching on the upper or something, I don’t know. No good. One colorway even makes it look like DNA code. Is that MJ’s signature on the very front of the toe piece? Ugh, horrible. I don’t know what’s worse, these or the frankenstein Spiz’ikes which take every Jordan and cram em all into one shoe. The second I saw these, I just shook my head thinking these guys have exhausted all the ideas they had and this is what it’s come to.

Unless it’s a IV or V, don’t wake me up.

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