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The Standing Eight(May ’08)

May 18, 2008

8. Moleskine Paper: Using my Moleskine again after a 6 month hiatus.
7. Amphilophus Labiatus aka The Red Devil: Farewell to my five Clowns(The Furious 5) who wouldve grown way to large for my tank anyhow. They’re in a better more suiting home now. Hello to my solitary baby Red Devil.
6. 3G: If the next gen iPhone does indeed come out within the next few months and AT&T somehow manages to sell it for $200, I will have a new iPhone. If it’s anymore than two bills, I’ll definitely pass. I mean more than likely I’m gonna pass. Probably gonna pass on it…maybe. Maybe.
5. Man Up: There comes a time where you gotta just do it.
4. NBA Playoffs: The most television I watch all year. I live for the playoffs. Here’s hoping for a Lakers/Cavs or a Lakers/Celtics Finals. Go Clippers!
3. Canon G9: Before I go to Japan, I will have to get this camera. With custom grip and thumb rest.
2. P3: Fes vs. Arcana Heart: Should I buy Persona 3: Fes and Arcana Heart even though I have no time to play them? Play magazine gave P3 a perfect 10 and Arcana an 8.5, so my choice will be obvious if I decide to get one.
1. Staring Contest: I don’t care the outcome. Regardless if you win or lose, challenging Jessica Alba in a staring contest is always a win/win in my book.