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Warning! A Huge Podcast Is Approaching Fast

May 2, 2010

I am a big podcast nerd. I subscribe to 20+ podcasts and listen to them throughout the week. A majority of them are video game related podcasts which is ironic since I don’t play as many video games as I once use to. Oddly enough I still manage to follow everything going on in the scene. The one thing that I find sorely missing is in-depth coverage of Japanese imports. With the attention shifting more and more to western developed games, it feels like Japanese centric games are taking a back seat and the lack of coverage on them is proof of this.

Thankfully, former editors of the now defunct Play magazine Nick Des Barres aka “Nick Rox”, Casey Loe and Eric Patterson aka “Shidoshi” have a podcast that is strictly about import Japanese gaming entitled “Warning! A huge Podcast Is Approaching Fast” What’s great is that their prologue episode(#0) they talk about their history in the industry working for both Gamefan and Play magazines. Their little spat with EGM and Nick Rox goes into his frame counting prowess and how he got the legendary nickname “Blue Shadows”. In their official first episode they get into a more traditional routine and delve into 2 hours of straight import game talk. If you have any interest in the fading Japanese gaming scene, this podcast is for you.

Also keep an eye out for 8-4‘s podcast helmed by former EGM editors Mark Macdonald and John Riccardi which will also cover primarily Japanese games. Until then.


Nick Rox aka Nick Des Barres

April 12, 2008

My fellow geek and Fresh Pebbles blogger, Eccoboy has done some deep research on one of our favorite game writers/reviewers of all time, Nick Des Barres. He told me he had to endure countless link clicking and went very deep in the rabbit hole to even begin to get some information on the man.

Des Barres is currently one of Play magazines Japanese correspondents but to me he’ll always be the reviewer of Final Fantasy VII for my favorite video game magazine of all time, Gamefan. He actually still owns the issue with the FF7 review and admitted to me that he still reads it from time to time. I also owned this issue way back when but like many things, most likely tossed it by the wayside. There might be a sliver of a chance it’s at my parents house but it’s very doubtful.

Check out the Fresh Pebbles blog for the full story.