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Primo & The Chocolate Boy Wonder.

January 8, 2011

I could watch this all day. It’s two of my favorite producers of all time waxing nostalgic on legendary songs they produced from my era of hip hop. What is there to say? I mean these two are the east coast sound. Their beats defined the greatest decade in rap history and both have worked with the holy trinity of modern day hip hop in Jay-Z, Biggie and Nas all when they were young artists releasing their first albums. I need to find out where I can import this Japanese DVD.

I thought I’d accompany this video with all of the songs they talk about for reference. Enjoy.

“Words I Manifest” by Gangstaar(Produced by DJ Premier):

“Shut Em Down”(Remix) by Public Enemy(Produced by Pete Rock):

“Come Clean” by Jeru The Damaja(Dj Premier):

“TROY” by Pete Rock & CL Smooth(Pete Rock):

“A Million And One Questions” by Jay-Z(Dj Premier):

“Jump Around”(Remix) by House of Pain(Pete Rock):

“Memory Lane” by Nas(DJ Premier):

“The World Is Yours” by Nas(Pete Rock):

“Juicy”(Remix) by The Notorious B.I.G.(Pete Rock):

“Unbelievable” by The Notorious B.I.G.(DJ Premier):

“Crooklyn Dodgers” by Jeru, OC, Chubb Rock(DJ Premier):

“Jazz(We’ve Got)” by ATCQ(Pete Rock? I say “yes”.):

“Full Clip” by Gangstaar(DJ Premier):

“Searching” by Pete Rock & CL Smooth(Pete Rock):


The Art of G.O.O.D. Fridays

November 14, 2010

Starting some weeks ago, Kanye announced G.O.O.D. Fridays in which he released a new song available for download every friday until Christmas. I loved the cover art for the singles so much I’ve compiled them here. I’ll continue to add upcoming artwork to this post as they come out. I know it isn’t New Years yet but I’m gonna make an early resolution for 2011 and that is try to go five posts without having one be about Kanye West.(Right now it’s tough as his album is coming out in two weeks you see)

Was Blind But Now I See

March 13, 2009

I realize now that J Dilla was a god. Maybe it was the frame of mind I was at during the time I first heard his beats. Or maybe it was the type of artists he was producing for that didn’t click with me but I just never really understood the praise he got. I was a little peeved that I couldn’t grasp the brilliance in him that others saw. Now, I don’t want to toot my own horn but I feel I have a pretty darn good understanding and overall appreciation of Hip Hop. So what was it exactly that those in the same elitist, snobby, pretentious league I considered myself to be in, saw that I didn’t?

Well whatever the case may be, I can safely say now that I get it. Label me a complete convert. I went from being the trouble maker sinner kid who was friends with the kids that went to Sunday school to full blown Born Again Child Evangelist. I can see clearly now the genius of the man. I just hope I’m not too late and maybe if I start repenting now, the day I make it to wherever it is you go to when you die, the Hip Hop gods will allow me entrance.

Awhile back ?uestlove wrote an amazing post on Okayplayer about J-Dilla doing what he does best. I suggest going here to read and take in the audio samples.(I’ve been listening to them for the last hour or so) Hopefully after reading it, you’ll agree to have witnessed a miracle and Dilla will have changed your life as well. RIP James Dewitt Yancey.

The “Little Brother” Beat Story

DillaJay Dee

Let’s Take It Back: Itsoweezee(Hot)

April 15, 2008

Random Thoughts:

1. Love this video.
2. Mad cameos. See how many you can spot.
3. “Yo, you know what this is, run your lunch ticket son.”
4. I wish Prince Paul kept producing entire albums with De La.
5. I love school settings for rap videos.
6. How come Pos doesn’t rap?
7. One of my favorite J Dilla beats of all time.
8. Is that Doitall from Lords of the Underground?
9. I always thought Monie Love was cute.
10. Did I mention that I love this video?

“I guess a diamond ain’t nothing but a rock with a name, I guess love ain’t nothing but emotion and game…”-Trugoy