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Urinating On The Game

December 14, 2010

I don’t care how many underage girls Kells pisses on, one thing that won’t ever change is that black people will always love and support him, period. R. Kelly completely shuts the place down. One of the best performances I’ve seen this year.


“I Wanna Be Your Mother And Your Sister Too…”

July 9, 2010

Prince, even though you hate the internet, just know that there is a small part of it that still loves you.

I ain’t got no money
I ain’t like those other guys you hang around
And it’s kinda funny
But they always seem to let you down
And I get discouraged
‘Cause I never see you anymore
And I need your love, babe yeah
That’s all I’m living for, yeah
I didn’t wanna pressure you, baby
But all I ever wanted to do
I wanna be your lover
I wanna be the only one that makes you come running
I wanna be your lover
I wanna turn you on, turn you out, all night long, make you shout
Ow, lover! Yeah
I wanna be the only one you come for
I wanna be your brother
I wanna be your mother and your sister, too
There ain’t no other
That can do the things that I’ll do to you
And I get discouraged
‘Cause you treat me just like a child
And they say I’m so shy, yeah
But with you I just go wild!
I didn’t wanna pressure you, baby.
But all I ever wanted to do
I wanna be your lover
I wanna be the only one that makes you come running
I wanna be your lover
I wanna turn you on, turn you out, all night long make you shout
Ow, lover! Yeah
I wanna be the only one you come for, yeah

I don’t know how long this video will be up so enjoy it while you can before the Purple Police comes and shuts it down.

Every Little Step by John Travolta

July 8, 2010

You know what? I’ve given it some serious thought and I’ve finally come to a decision…..I’m not mad at this.

“My name is Brown, that’s what they call meeeee, owwwwwwww, owww, owww…”

“Sweet Baby” by Stanley Clarke & George Duke

May 16, 2010

On the short list of my favorite songs of all time, this one is the most likely to give the listener diabetes. You couldn’t tell by the look of the cover but this song is 100% sugary sweet. It’s the kind of song you would see compiled in one of those AM Gold collections they would sell on TV on some infomercial. I want to buy the actual LP of this just for the enlarged picture alone. Cause, I mean…..just look at it!

Look how cool those two motherfuckers are. It’s as if they’re saying: “Yeah, yeah we’re here. Can we get this goddamn photo shoot over with already? We got pussy to slay and cool music to play. Where are my goddamn cigarettes?”

“Sweet Baby” by Stanley Clarke & George Duke:

Sample Clearance: Weldon Irvine/Lupe Fiasco

May 15, 2010

“Morning Sunrise” by Weldon Irvine:

“Dear Fall” by Lupe Fiasco:

Oh and here’s Jay’s version “Dear Summer”. It actually preceded Lu’s version but for some stupid reason, I can’t get the file to play so I’m linking to it.

“Dear Summer” by Jay-Z:


Cold Pillow by Theophilus London

August 5, 2009

“Cold Pillow” off of Theophilus London’s This Charming Mixtape. I’ve been listening to this song nonstop for the past couple of days. This would easily be one of the best songs to come out of 2009 if it wasn’t for the fact that it came out last year. I was late to the party and found out about it just a few days ago. I feel shamed. Easily the most notable thing about this track is that it’s produced by Ruckazoid aka Ricci Rucker of Ned Hoddings/Gunkhole fame. Oh and whose Asisphonics board I use to moderate with an iron fist way back in the day. Just sayin. Enough of the nerdiness, let’s get to the song.

“Cold Pillow” by Theophilus London:

Theo London

Drake as Rickie Vasquez

July 19, 2009

I have to concede that visually “Best I Ever Had” might be the greatest video ever created by humans. But the second Drake opens his mouth and starts rapping and singing, it starts to go downhill from there fast. Doesn’t he realize all he has to do is shut the fuck up and let the video sell itself? Anyways, I don’t know what it is but Drake reminds me so much of Wilson Cruz from My So-Called Life. I can’t help it. When I see Drake, I see Rickie Vasquez in my minds eye and think “Where the hell is Claire Danes?” If they ever make a MSCL reboot, look no further. Casting directors, here is your Rickie. You’re welcome.

Look for yourself:



Well, am I right? I don’t know, whatever. Maybe it’s just me.

I don’t even know why I’m giving Drake so much face time. I don’t even like his damn music.

The King Is Dead

June 26, 2009


Growing up, Michael Jackson was my world. I loved him. Every song I memorized, every album I purchased, every video I dissected. I was a fanatic at age 7. He was for me, my introduction to MUSIC and my love for it ever since I owe solely to him. Shortly after I heard of his passing, my mom(not yet knowing of the bad news) called me for something completely unrelated. When I told her that Michael Jackson had died, she surprisingly responded, “Huh? Michael?!”. I replied “Yeah.” My mom in shock took a second to collect her thoughts and said, “He was your favorite. Do you remember?” I said, “I know Mom. I remember.” And even though I stopped caring about anything he’s done past Dangerous, to some part of me, he’ll always be my favorite.

Pay your respects, the King is dead.

Walking On The Moon by The Dream (Video)

May 29, 2009

If I were a musician and had to be in music videos, my number one rule would be: NO SPECIAL EFFECTS. Anything with special effects doesn’t really age well. In fact the more time that passes, the worse it looks. You figure that 200 years from now, people will look back at our current CGI and it will be like if we watched a movie where spaceships were just miniature toys hanging on a string with someone in the background making flying sounds with his mouth. Apparently in the future(2085 to be exact), people will dress like bikers with studded black leather vests and wear glasses with dozens of mini solar panels on them. What depresses me most about this video is that even this far into the future, people will still be wearing fitted caps with that goddamn 5150 sticker on them.

Make no mistake, I love this song. The chorus is dope, the beat is nice and Kanye’s verse is cool, but this damn video, ugh. Horrible. This is one of those videos where in 20 years, The Dream is gonna look back and shake his head in shame. All the spaceships, futuristic clothing, the outdated effects will make him wonder what the fuck was he was thinking.

Oh yeah, The Dream looks like Just Blaze.

Watch the video here.


Paranoid by Kanye West (Video)

May 27, 2009

My favorite song off of 808’s & Heartbreak finally gets the video treatment. This, along with “Amazing” was shot in Hawaii. Interesting choice to cast Rihanna of all girls for the video considering the content of the song and all of the Chris Brown drama. Here’s hoping “Robocop” is the next and final video.