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I Want These Sneakers

August 9, 2008



Fuji Rod

May 26, 2008

I don’t post about shoes too often. So when I do find one that tickles my fancy(Did I really just say that? Tickles my fancy? Wow.), it’s kinda a big deal…to me at least cause I really don’t get too excited over shoes like I use to. If you can read Japanese, head over to Honeyee and read more about the Nike SB Fuji Rod. I like the simple design and colors used. The rainbow on the heel is very fresh and the pastelle yellow and gray are a nice touch. Comes out on May 31st but really, what does it matter? Chances you’re not gonna be able to track a pair down and if you do it would be difficult to obtain a pair without paying an astronomical price for it.

Nike SB + P-Rod 2 + Hiroshi Fujiwara = I want it.

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