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Project Trico

May 21, 2009

Team Ico is one of the main reasons why I play video games. Fumito Ueda is apart of my holy trinity of game designers. Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima and Fumito Ueda are designers whose games I hold up on a pedestal. As long as these three continue to make video games, I will continue to play them.

On my list of favorite games of all time, Shadow of the Colossus and Ico are my number one and two. To say I’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow up from this team is an understatement. I’ve been anticipating this since I slayed the last colossus in SotC. I’ve kept tabs and written a post(once here and again here) anytime new information would leak out concerning the next Ueda/Kaido opus. To finally see something visually to go along with all I’ve heard about this game makes me incredibly happy.


Project Trico

Project Trico(tentative title) looks to have all of the trappings of a Team Ico game. An expansive, far reaching environment, a large puzzle filled labyrinth, an overall sense of isolation, the familiar level and character design. It’s all here. Just like past games, the reliance of another character plays heavy into the gameplay. Even though you relied on Agro while fighting many of the Colossi, he still felt like a secondary character. This new animal, a sort of dog faced griffin with underdeveloped wings, seems to be designed with more personality. Even more cutesy for the reason to what I’m guessing is to make the player grow more attached to it as it helps you along your journey. I have yet to play this game but watching the trailer of the animal carrying the child on his head with it’s body riddled with several arrows struck a chord with me. And if it can evoke this kind of reaction all before even playing the game, I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when I actually do.

That’s what makes Team Ico so brilliant as a development team. They convey emotion all with minimalism. Sure you can tell a heart breaking story in Final Fantasy when all you have is hours and hours of dialogue, but when you can do it with next to no talking, it’s a much more impressive feat. This game is the reason I bought a PS3 and I’m sure will be mentioned along with Ico and SotC as another strong example as games as art.


Fumito Ueda Is My Dealer

July 18, 2008

I’ve been thinking about how incredibly picky I am when it comes to which games I buy. I hardly have enough time to even play games. On top of that, I don’t buy as many games as your average gamer. This has lead me to the conclusion that at the current prices for this generations consoles(even the Wii), that it is still not worth it for me to go out and buy one just yet.

I have to say, MGS4 really pushed me to my limit though. I literally was there in the store cash in hand and the only thing that stopped me was that they were out of stock of PS3’s on that particular day and the deal I wanted to take advantage of ended on that day. I know it’s gonna be tough everytime a new Hot Shots Golf comes out or when Final Fantasy XIII, Little Big Planet and White Knight Story all make their way into the gaming publics hands. I feel I can withstand those releases considering MGS4 was the biggest hurdle I had to overcome thus far. It was the crack rock in the pipe and I withstood it and held my ground.

All this being said, mark my words right now. I will purchase a PS3 when the next Team Ico game is released. I repeat, I WILL PURCHASE A PS3 WHEN THE NEXT TEAM ICO GAME IS RELEASED. There will be no possible way I’ll be able to resist. Team Ico games are like heroin to me. I love both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus so much if I could I would melt them down and inject them directly into my veins.