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Reformed Sneaker Heads.

December 23, 2010

In my early to mid 20’s I was a bit of a sneaker collector. I had amassed about 70 pairs, more than half of them unworn. My friend Von was also a collector and so it was not uncommon to find us talking for hours about shoes. What our favorites were, what shoes we remembered from out past, what new pairs were coming out and which ones we would actually line up for. Now Von and I have lined up countless times for various early morning releases. He was my kicks partner in crime, my Nike war buddy. If a new pair of retro Jordans were coming out, we were there. No matter how early we had to wake up, no matter what the weather was like, no matter how far we had to drive. All of it, simply for a chance to get a pair of sneakers. Nearly 1/3 of the time, we would end up empty handed, but that’s the nature of the beast.

About a week ago, a pair of reformed sneaker collectors(now in our 30’s) had gotten together for dinner and reminisced about our days of sneaker hunting. We looked back and laughed, shaking our heads at our former selves and remorseful on how much money we spent in those days. In retrospect, it’s the memories from that era that I look at fondly instead of the actual shoes I bought.

He shot me a text message a few days ago about the then upcoming release of the Cool Gray Air Jordan XI’s which came out earlier today to much fanfare and I thought I’d share it.


Kiks Tyo Sneaker & A Girl Vintage/Cloud Tees

February 21, 2009

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..Zzzzzzzzzzz… Huh?! What?! *yawn* Oh, yeah…New Kiks Tyo “Sneaker & A Girl” tees. These just don’t garner the same excitement as they use to. Long gone are the days of Aki Hoshino and it seems Hypebeast geeks haven’t been the same since. Nevertheless, pre-order them here and here. Now let me go back to sleep.

Shanadoo Vintage

Shanadoo Vintage 2Yuko CloudYuko Cloud 2

Sneaker & Girl: Yuko Ishida/Freddy Dunks

October 25, 2008

New Sneaker & Girl tee by Kiks Tyo with Yuko Ishida rocking the abominations that are the Freddy Dunks. Frankly, these particular SB’s are just plain fucking nasty. It’s Halloween so it’s a proper release and makes sense for this time of year, but those have to be one of the ugliest Dunks Nike has ever released. Luckily, the incredible good looks of Ms. Ishida do well in balancing it all out though. Pre-orders end Nov. 4th, so get them in while you can folks.

If I were a character in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Yuko Ishida would be the perfect form for Freddy Krueger to take while in my dreams in order to lull me in right before gutting me with his claw.

I Want These Sneakers

August 9, 2008


What The Girl?

July 20, 2008

The first of the Kiks Tyo and Yuko Ishida tees have become available for pre-order. You can get em here. Yup…..well, there really isn’t much to say, sooooooo let’s just stare at the pretty pictures.



She’s definitely not ugly…

Oh and for the record, I absolutely hate the shoes Yuko is holding. I hate all Frankenstein shoes for that matter, especially the unholy abominations that are the Spizikes. It’s like Nike is running out of ideas so they deciede to meld shoes together in one ugly lump.

Fuji Rod

May 26, 2008

I don’t post about shoes too often. So when I do find one that tickles my fancy(Did I really just say that? Tickles my fancy? Wow.), it’s kinda a big deal…to me at least cause I really don’t get too excited over shoes like I use to. If you can read Japanese, head over to Honeyee and read more about the Nike SB Fuji Rod. I like the simple design and colors used. The rainbow on the heel is very fresh and the pastelle yellow and gray are a nice touch. Comes out on May 31st but really, what does it matter? Chances you’re not gonna be able to track a pair down and if you do it would be difficult to obtain a pair without paying an astronomical price for it.

Nike SB + P-Rod 2 + Hiroshi Fujiwara = I want it.

Click to enlarge:

Foot Soldier

April 17, 2008

I haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in a very long time. There was a point in time in my sneaker collecting days where I was buying two, three pairs a week. Now it’s more like one or two a year. So I made it a point that when I do buy, I go all out. So I did and got a pair of Bapestas.

Kiks Tyo + Aki Hoshino + Yone: On The Street/With Sneakers Tees

April 11, 2008

New fresh Aki tees by Kiks Tyo are available for pre order. More images taken from Yone’s “Sneaker Lover” photo book and DVD. Do I want them? Yeah, but I’m saving my pennies for a couple of the Hoshino/Hello Kitty shirts that start coming out soon. Man, I love the way Aki looks in the “On The Street” tee, she’s so unbelievably not ugly. Now if only she were holding a pair of Infared Air Max 90’s, I would’ve added one to my cart before I even typed this.

Pre-order ends April 21st so grab them here while you can.