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Iron Mic Cypher

May 25, 2008

I don’t know why I keep watching these but all I know is they need to release them on a regular basis. I can’t even imagine the hours of hilarity they have stashed away somewhere in the back of a closet in some classroom. I want all of them complied on a DVD. Someone seriously needs to make that happen.

Check out J-Work who raps much differently than the way he talks, the Russian kid rhyming about getting his “GPA up to the sky everyday” and Son Dooby of Funkdoobiest’s half Asian son rapping last. My favorite thing about this has to be when we get to meet the rappers at the end of the video cause we’re treated to such entertaining words of wisdom such as:

“Okay, representing 06′, representing Russia…representing all of the acedemic P.I.M.P.’s out there. Whatever you want, I’ll represent you. If you got yourself a brain, or you from Russia, or you from 06…”

“What’s down ya heard me? It’s ya boy J-Work, ya heard me? Representing New Orleans. To the fullest. Class of 08′ freshmen. Ya heard me? We doing this little cypher thing ya heard me? You know I had to get…ya heard me, the rest of the class up in here, ya heard me, had to get it straight. The cypher. We gonna do it again, probably next year sometime cause you know this is the exclusive. Ya dig what I’m saying? So, ya heard me, that’s how it is we out…”

Ya heard me?