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Unreleased Dr. Dre – Puff Blunts, Drank Tanq

October 14, 2007

Good Doctor

I remember first hearing this on a pirate radio show in Canada when I visited my relatives one summer. At this point in my hip hop listening, I was immersed in all and everything related to Death Row. If it was G-Funk and produced by Dre, Warren G or Daz I was buying it. When I heard this it blew me away so much that I immediately had to find it if it was the last thing I did. I never knew what the name of the song was so when I asked any of my friends I couldn’t call it by name so it was difficult in finding any help in tracking it down. I had to search for it on my own. I think it was a year or two later and I finally managed to find it in a Tower Records browsing through the singles section and I found it on the B-Side of a maxi single of “Dre Day” by Dr. Dre . The track is called “Puffin On Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray”. This was West Coast at it’s pinnacle and absolute finest and makes me wonder how it all fell apart.

“Puffin On Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray” by Dr. Dre, Lady of Rage, Daz, Kurupt: