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Black Mags

September 30, 2007

Why are all my favorite Hip Hop artists nowadays from Chicago? The Cool Kids are apart of A-Traks label, Fools Gold. I really dig these guys. Their beats are so throwback they remind me of old West Coast Too Short. Rhymes are dope, nothing overly complex, fitting for the music. Definitely feeling it. I like their whole 80’s retro style, these cats dress like it was 89′ or something. Check out Mikey with them tight pants. Fresh.

Since A-Trak’s Kanyes dj, I wanna see some collabs. Ye has already rhymed over “Pro Nails” by Kid Sister(who is also signed to Fools Gold). So I wanna see Ye on “Gold And A Pager”. And Lupe on “I Rock” would be off the meat rack. C’mon let’s make it happen Chicago.


Kanye Skit On SNL

September 30, 2007

Absolutely hilarious.

“Oh hell naw! HELL NAW! I got the best pumpkin! This pumpkin cost a million dollars fam! It got champagne in it!!

The Wrath of Kool Keith

September 30, 2007

Kool Keith

This is from the old Stretch & Bob Radio Show. Listen to this and see how hilarious Kool Keith is. As far as rhyming goes, he’s on another planet in a distant galaxy in a different universe in an alternate dimension. Don’t get it confused, Keith can eat up emcees, you’ll think i’m joking when you listen to the clip, but i’m absolutely serious. If you have listened to any of his albums, you know. Keith destroys emcees…and makes you bust a gut laughing at the same time. Check out how Mr. Pimp My Ride sounds completely boring and rehearsed compared to Keith. And X isn’t even coming off the top either, i’ve heard him use the same verses on other radio shows when asked to freestyle. Keith on the other hand is OBVIOUSLY coming off the top.

Kool Keith + Xzibit Freestyle:

Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” Release Date Pushed Back

September 30, 2007


To December 18th.

I’m still betting on a 2008 release for this. “Food & Liquor” was pushed back multiple times even before the leak so i’m expecting the same fate for “The Cool”. This does suck considering there’s only a few Hip Hop albums this year that has me excited to go out and purchase on release day. This is now the second time this album has been pushed back. It was originally slated for a October 31st release but was pushed back to November and now it looks like it will be close to Christmas before we get Lu’s sophomore record. Oh well, just give me a few Kanye and Pharrell produced tracks, release them as singles and i’ll forget all about these delays.

FNF up all day.

Which Is Geekier?

September 29, 2007

Standing in line for an iPhone or standing in line for Halo 3?


Halo 3

I got into a “discussion”(argument) with a friend of mine over which group of people are geekier. Sure Halo enthusiasts will argue that at least they are standing in line for a game you can play for hours on end and get that much entertainment out of it and that people that stand in line for an iPhone are standing in line for well…just a phone. But MY argument was that instead of talking to 10 year old boys through your headset in Xbox Live, at least with that phone, one can actually call up a real girl and go out on a date with that girl and potentially have sex with said girl. Which in my opinion is much more entertaining and satisfying than any video game.

After a few minutes of arguing, we realized that arguing over who’s geekier is pointless cause at the end of the day, the fact still remained that we were both still geeks. Then we both got sad.

Dumb It Down

September 28, 2007

My favorite emcee is making YOUR favorite emcee look stupid. This video is dedicated to 95% of the rappers in the game right now.

Possible Cover & Tracklist: “American Gangster”

September 27, 2007


1. American Gangster (featuring T.I.)
2. Kingpin
3. No Hook
4. Pray
5. Vietnam War (Soldiers) (featuring Kanye West)
6. Harlem
7. The Streets Still Watchin’
8. Blue Magic
9. Rest In Coffins
10. Abandoned Buildings

I have no way of confirming if this is legit but this cold possibly be the album cover and tracklist of “American Gangster”, the upcoming album by Jay-Z. If this is indeed the cover, I have to say I like it alot. The tracklist has me excited because it seems to be very slim, no filler, no bullshit and the guest spots on it are very minimal with only T.I. and Kanye making appearances.


So accordng to Just Blaze’s blog, The Megatron Don(ill blog btw). Jay performed this past Saturday night at the 40/40 Club in NY and did a few songs off of “American Gangster”. One titled “Roc Boys” which as you can tell is not on the track list I posted a few days ago. Also I read on Hip Hop DX in an interview with Timbaland that Jay contacted him about doing a track on the album as well. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this track list changes quite a bit and gets a tad bit larger.

Updated (10/2):

So itunes just released “American Gangster” available for pre-order and the track list is as follows:

1. Amen
2. Blue Magic
3. Untitled
4. Alright, Alright
5. You Don’t Know
6. And The Winner Is
7. American Gangster
8. Welcome
9. Ignorant Shit
10. Demise
11. I Get Money(Remix)

Very different from the previous track list I posted. I expect this to change. I doubt we will get anything concrete now, it’s better to check back a week or two before the actual release date. Then at that point we just might get something that looks close to the real deal.

Updated (10/17):

Tracklist as blogged by Nahright:

1. Intro
2. Pray
3. American Dreamin’
4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 ft. Lil Wayne
5. No Hook
6. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…
7. Sweet
8. I Know
9. Party Life
10. Ignorant Sh*t feat. Beanie Sigel
11. Say Hello
12. Success feat. Nas
13. Fallin’
14. Blue Magic
15. American Gangster

Mmmmmm, Humble Pie

September 27, 2007

I’m so geeky at times that when the topic comes up, I brag at my Tetris playing skills. Not that that’s anything to truly brag about. The game I played most this year was Tetris Online on my DS, battling people across the world at 4 Player Tetris. I have my fair share of losses but I win more than I lose and my score is in the high 6000’s which is pretty good. I often flirt with 7000 and every now and then I reached it and hold my score for a bit but eventually go back down to my norm. So needless to say, I consider myself a pretty good Tetris player. So when I came across this video, I was humbled to say the least.

So you think you’re good at Tetris huh?


September 23, 2007

Interstella 5555

This is very cool. Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 Action Figure set is being sold at Turntable Lab right now. If you’ve seen either the “One More Time” or “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” videos you’ll know where these came from.(The DVD is incredible) Now you can recreate both those videos in stop-motion animation in the privacy of your home. These sets have a limited run of 5555 produced worldwide.

Oh, Oh, Oh, It’s Magic

September 21, 2007


American Gangster

So Hov is suppose to release another album titled “American Gangster”, to be released 4th quarter of this year and apparently it’s a concept album to be based on the upcoming Denzel Washington movie of the same name. The movie is based on the story of Frank Lucas, a New York drug dealer in the 70’s who supposedly grossed $1 million dollars a day selling heroin. What makes me giddy like a school girl is that this might be the closest thing we get to a “Reasonable Doubt”. Jay spitting about gun toting, coke dealing and heroin distributing, streets is watching type shit.

As you and your momma probably already know by now, the first single was released and played on New York radio as of, well…today and is called “Blue Magic” with production by Pharrell. I had the pleasure of hearing it already and well, it definitely looks like Jay is taking us back to 96′.