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Random Nerdery.

January 14, 2011

Sometime last week while I was bed ridden and sick to my stomach, I found myself on an extremely high level of nerdiness. I found myself playing Earthbound on my Macbook Air using a PS3 controller. If you’re keeping score, that’s a Nintendo game on an Apple laptop using a Sony controller. What’s even geekier is that I had the presence of mind to realize that at that very moment, I was the antithesis of Microsoft. The only thing that was left is if the foot massager I was using ran some obscure version of Linux.

Honestly don’t give a crap about that sort of thing. I don’t care if people use Macs or PC’s or play games on their 360 or PS3’s or Wii’s, I just don’t give two shits. But a snap shot picture of me in my room that day, all evidence pointed to me as a Microsoft hater which I am not. Seriously though, I don’t care what kind of operating system someones toaster oven uses and if I heard two people arguing about why brand x is better than brand y I know I would come close to stabbing both idiots in the throat to prevent their fanboy genes from spreading to infect future generations. I’m completely indifferent to Microsoft.

The only thing about them that I hate is Steve Ballmer. Man, what an asshole douche.

What’s the point of this post? I have no idea.


Baby Milo x Mario Tees

November 2, 2008

Cliff Edge has in new Bape tees featuring arguably two of Japans most famous icons. Milo and Mario. Normally I would have purchased these before posting this blog but in today’s dire financial times, I just don’t have the money to even begin to imagine spending $175 on a shirt. These are much better than the Milo x Spongebob collab tees, but not nearly as cool as the Milo x Hello Kitty ones, that’s just me though.

I’m 100% positive these will be gone by morning, economic crisis or not. I’ve always said that that Street Wear heads are not unlike crack heads. I’m guessing the same people that bought up the Mario x Milo Nintendo DS’s for $600 a pop will quickly snatch these up without a second thought. So if there are any left by the time you read this, cop em here.

Mega Man 9 Limited Edition Box + NES Cart

September 22, 2008

This picture makes me cry tears of pure uncut joy. I’m at a loss for words, so read up about it on Kotaku or wherever you choose to get your video gaming news from. I think only 200 are to be made available through the Capcom online store. So if you are one of the few to be lucky enough to snag one, just know you’ll be a marked man among retro gamers worldwide. I just can’t type right now from all the wiping away of happy tears. *sniff*

Side Note: The NES Cart is just a replica and doesn’t really work in your Nintendo system.

If I Could Go Back In Time…

July 24, 2008

If I could go back in time, I would keep reliving the joyous moment a few weeks back when I found out that Chrono Trigger was coming to the Nintendo DS. Well, that or go back to when the actual “Dream Team” came up with the idea for this legendary game and somehow make it so that I was known as the one who named it or some shit like that.

I’m afraid though that during one of my many visits back, I would fuck something up and accidentally create a time paradox which would disrupt the space/time continuum and all existence would then cease to exist. Then sadly along with all of humanity non existent, we wouldn’t have Chrono Trigger for the DS, and that would be bad.

“Hey Frog, let’s take it back, waaaaay back. Back into time.”

Bape x Nintendo DS Line

April 16, 2008

I’m just gonna let the video speak for itself.

A Bathing Ape x Nintendo DS Lite

February 22, 2008

The last thing I think about when I think about Nintendo is “street wear”. I would’ve been very surprised at this kind of collaboration if it wasn’t for yesterdays news of a Honeyee DS Lite. These come in two flavors as you can see and will be released on April 1st. I’m curious how much this is gonna cost. Let’s see, DS Lites run about $120 or so, then we add in the Bape factor and that should bring our total to about $700. I’d buy it.

I want to see more Miyamoto/Nigo collabs. Shigeru Miyamoto could produce a Baby Milo Nintendo game. Get Treasure to develop it, make it a 2D side scrolling platformer and bam, video gaming gold. Then in turn Nigo can design Baby Mario and Milo tees along with Goomba and Koopa hoodies in limited quantities.

Bape DS

Or how about Donkey Kong vs Milo?

Honeyee x Fragment x Nintendo

February 20, 2008

Honeyee DS

Honeyee DS 2

Wait, WHAT?! Are you fucking serious?! First, if you know me you know my Nintendo DS is my video game platform of choice as I haven’t made the jump to next gen console gaming just yet. I absolutely love it. I’ve played Tetris Online more than any other game in the last year or so and I just recently spent nearly 60 hours playing through FF VI for what seems to be the 14th time spending those last 10 hours maxing out the levels on all my characters. So many cool games, online play and it’s region free and import friendly. I simply adore my DS, it’s my nerd weapon of choice.

Second, you’re telling me, that Hiroshi Fujiwara collaborated with Nintendo to create a Honeyee/Fragment DS Lite? Honeyee ranks #1 on my favorite sites-that-I-can’t-even-read list cause minus the blogs by Jeff Staple, Eric Clapton and John Mayer(among a few others), the site is pretty much all in Japanese.

This is THE holy grail of all things geek and street. I just don’t know how to react right now, my mind is totally blown. I don’t care if this thing costs more than a solid gold PS3, I want one.


Nintendo DS Famicom Adapter

November 28, 2007

DS Famicom

Being able to play Japanese Famicom games on my DS would be the greatest thing to ever happen to the DS. Sure it triples the girth and weight of the portable gaming machine but being able to play Seiken Densetsu 3 where ever I want is so worth it. This Famicom adapter for the Nintendo DS has a TV out so you can play it straight on your TV which in essence makes it basically a full blown Famicom. It looks like from the picture that the adapter only fits the DS Lite model, which means I would have to upgrade from my older, larger first generation DS. I hope this thing gets good reviews and is not too expensive(I wouldn’t think it would be) and I hope I can buy it through Playasia or something. All I know is I want one. Comes out in Japan next month. Via DS Fanboy

For the record I think that the Super Famicom has THE BEST game library of any console.

Wii + Ping Pong = Fuck Yes!

October 12, 2007

I think the title says it all really. Got hip to this through Kotaku. If you can read Japanese, please comment with a translation of this site. Inform us of anything that translates along the lines of this game being released in the U.S. as soon as humanly possible.

Wii Ping Pong